Footloose in Leh

Leh, the city of infinite azure blue skies, is an awe-inspiring destination surrounded by mighty mountains. There are no words to describe the stunning beauty of this place. The calming presence of nature offers a soothing effect on your frayed nerves. Amazing cloud formations, sublime skylines, and irresistible natural beauty makes the visit to Leh an unforgettable experience. The caring locals make a trip to this destination a sheer delight. Deluged with magnificent Buddhist monasteries gives a sneak peek into rich cultural heritage entwined with the daily lives of locals. The place also beckons thrill-seekers who wish to test their endurance limits and enjoy adrenaline pumping activities. A perfect place for a hair-raising bike trip….Leh has a lot to offer!

Planned tours to Leh allows you to enjoy and explore the best of the destination. This off-beat destination has a lot of hidden jewels that are just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Leh with its cold desert and tough life conditions has a lot to offer discerning travelers.

Road Trip To Leh

If you have ample time and burning desire to witness stunning images of the soaring Himalayan Ranges, go for a road trip to Leh. You can start your journey from Delhi and reach Leh via Kashmir. This trip is sure to give you some nail-biting moments. It is going to be a week-long marathon trip allowing you to capture spellbinding images draped in contrasting weather conditions. While riding on your bike, you will come across a lot of narrow and rocky roads and passing through these high-altitude areas is going to test your riding skills at its best. It is going to be a circuitous journey with a lot of halts in between to calm your heartbeat and while doing so click picture postcard quality photographs. The route will take you from Delhi through Mashobra, Sarachu, Leh, Banihal and then back to Delhi. The high point of this bike journey is going to be passing through Zoji La Pass. There are seasonal dhabas on the route that spring up when the bike riding season, post-summer open us offering decent Indian and Tibetan food. There are reasonably good staying options across the route where you can spend a peaceful night and summon your energies for another day of biking through the treacherous roads.

Magnificent Buddhist Monasteries

The monasteries in Leh and Ladakh forms an integral part of Buddhist heartlands in the country. A large number of Buddhist followers visit this culturally rich destination and visit monasteries that hold special value for the locals. These are intricately designed and elegantly built structures reflecting the unique Buddhist style of architecture. A visit to these monasteries will help you find the key that unlocks the rich cultural background of this beautiful destination. Apart from its religious and spiritual significance, the monasteries also play a vital role in the education of the younger generation. One of the most remarkable monasteries worth visiting is Shey Monastery. It is known for its gigantic statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. A lot of stupas, smaller monasteries, and rock carvings will come on your way to this monastery which is nothing short of visual delight. Thiksay Monastery is another popular religious structure which is a twelve storey complex housing statues, stupas, swords and wall paintings associated with the Buddhist faith. Check out Hemis Monastery, which is famous for its Naropa Festival. It is perched atop on a high-altitude region commanding magnificent views of snow-capped mountains. Light snowfall makes this destination look surreal and awe-inspiring.

Festivals that celebrate the venerated Lord Buddha

The month festival time is very busy for the locals and visitors alike in Leh. A seven-day Ladakh Festival organized by The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department witnesses a surge of tourists and locals to see the confluence of local communities coming together to promote the rich cultural heritage of this destination. Food festivals, traditional craftwork, music concerts, exhibition, sports matches and more are the highlights of this festival. Naropa Festival hosted by Hemis Monastery is another popular 5-day event celebrating the legacy and life of the scholar. The “Shondol” dance culminating the festival found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as 299 Ladakhi women came together to perform the “Largest Ladakhi Dance” wearing traditional Ladakhi dress, “gongchas,” with “perak” headgear. This festival is organized once in every twelve years. Another festival that makes Leh’s cultural scene more vibrant and happening is Dosmoche Festival that is celebrated to welcome Buddhist New Year. The highlight of this festival is the famous monk dance which is performed by Buddhist Lamas and Monks wearing vibrantly coloured robes. Other festivals that bring Leh Ladakh locals and tourists together are Losar Festival, Sindhu Darshan, Hemis Tsechu, Yuru Kabyat, Phyang Tsedup, Thiksey Gustor Festival and more.

Living on the edge in Leh

If you love adventure-based activities, Leh is the best place to be in. Here, you can enjoy river rafting in the gorgeous Zanskar River, one of the most beautiful rivers in India. The 120-km long rafting distance takes you from Padum to Nimu. The route takes you through mountain gorges. You can also bike ride to Khardung La Pass, the “land of the highest pass,” taking you to the Nubra Valley. The white sands of Nubra Valley offer you a stunning vista. You can see the double-humped Bactrian camels roaming in the cold desert. You can also go on a Jeep Safari that will take you through the mountains and rocky plateaus. If you are visiting Leh in the summer season, be a part of camping activities. Flowering trees and pleasant weather make this activity thoroughly enjoyable. You can also see the Polo Game being played in Chushot and Drass, close to Leh.

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